Post One

This is the [my] first attempt at setting up a blog for the SLIS student org. Let me and the other bloggers know what you’d like to see here. If you want to participate send me an email, or leave a message in the comments.

Be sure to come back often, bookmark this page, or drop it into your favorite RSS feeder.

UPDATE: As Brittany points out in the comments, I mis-wrote when I wrote that this was the first SLIS student blog. Thanks for dropping by, Brittany!

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3 Responses to Post One

  1. Brittany Bennett Parris says:

    Correction! (Sorry, I’m an archivist, what can I say?)

    The first attempt for setting up a blog for the SLIS Student Orgs. occurred on February 27, 2008 at the following address:

    It ran for about a year until I graduated in Spring of 2008.

  2. Brittany Bennett Parris says:

    Information about the old blog should be in the handbook for the SLIS Student Orgs. (I can’t remember what it was titled… Procedures Manual or something like that…) It was updated circa 2007 or 2008. An electronic copy should exist–let me know if you have problems finding that… I’d assume one of the current officers knows, unless there was complete turnover last year. Things happen.

    I like wordpress so much better. This is great!

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