Summer School Update

From the SLIS list –

(From Dr. McCook)
Several advisees have written me this weekend to ask about the status of summer school. Faculty have had no notification one way or the other. It will likely be an administrative announcement and we will all learn at the same time.

SLIS admin. has been at ALISE, but they have not made an announcement to my knowledge

I think people are concerned about President Genshaft’s Budget message which went out at close of business on 1/23/09

Here is the link: reduction.asp

Response from Dr. Gathgi –

While we are all waiting to hear the final word from the administration (the unofficial word before last week’s President’s announcement was to plan a similar schedule to last summer), I am meeting with the AVP for Education Outreach and a representative from the CAS Dean’s office to discuss other options. Will update on the outcome.

Also note that this isn’t the first time this has happened. From the SLIS Faculty Council Meeting Minutes for November 28, 2007

“John Gathegi reported that there is some confusion due to the message from CAS which says there is no summer funding. We are supposed to schedule as if we are going to be funded as usual. If no funding is forthcoming, SLIS will attempt to fund summer on our own. We don’t know what summer will look like, but we will try to offer entrance requirements and graduating electives.”

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