LibX Browser Widget

I just stumbled across this browser widget and thought I’d post it here. I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know if it’s worth the time and effort, or how well it works. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say

“LibX is a free, open source scholars’ extension for the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers that lets people use services offered by their library. Users can search their library catalog(s) and databases through a search bar or through a context menu. The context menu is adaptive (changing depending on what the user selected) and configurable (allowing the user to include any configured resource.) LibX supports the catalogs of all major library vendors. In addition, any resource that can be searched using an http GET request can be included, similar to Firefox’s smart keywords.”

Here’s the official website.

“LibX is a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer that provides direct access to your library’s resources.”

“LibX is an open source framework from which editions for specific libraries can be built.
Currently, 548 academic and public libraries have created public LibX editions.”

It seems like it was built at/by/for the Virginia Tech University Libraries.

There is a LibX University of South Florida WorldCat Edition.

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