Stress can make you gain weight. I gained EIGHT pounds in 2 weeks. I can’t be positive it was COMPS but I am very suspicious that that was part of it (eating ice cream right out of the carton along with a can of whipped cream may also contribute). It is difficult to wait a month for the results. I am going to pretend I passed unless I hear differently. It is not really difficult to write an 8-10 page paper. We have all had to write much longer papers in our classes. It is the stress of choosing the right question and following APA style that hurts. I did not keep a printed copy or I would be obsessively going over it and wanting to edit some more. I saved it to the computer where it can live forever. The day after I turned the paper in I was going over it in my mind and realized I had expressed an opinion about the writing style of one of the authors that was unnecessary. I immediately started thinking “Dr. Slone will see that and it’s all over for me!” I ate more ice cream, calmed down and decided to just get over it. I can not not change anything now. I will graduate even if I have to re-take the COMPS. Life will go on. I will try to stop eating ice cream in front of the computer screen and just relax. Wish me luck. Ann Marie Maloney

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One Response to COMPS

  1. Justine says:

    Congratulations on finishing, Ann Marie! I’m sure you passed, though I’d freak out while waiting a month(!), too.

    Mmmmm. Ice cream.

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