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Affirmative Action Award 2009

Affirmative Action Award 2009

Ximena Valdivia, a USF SLIS student living in Miami, received the Affirmative Action Award for 2009 from the Special Libraries Association. The award was presented at the SLA Centennial COnference in DC, June 13-17, 2009. Ximena is on the right in the photo. Here is some info about the award from the SLA website:
Award: Affirmative Action Scholarship
The Affirmative Action Scholarship will be granted only for graduate study in librarianship leading to a master’s degree at a recognized school of library or information science. One US$ 6,000 Affirmative Action Scholarship is available each year. Scholarship winners are notified in December. The official announcement and the presentation of the award will be made at the Association’s Annual Conference in June.
Eligibility of Applicants
Applicants must be citizens of the United States of America either by birth or naturalization or permanent resident aliens and a member of a minority group defined as Black (African American), Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian, Aleutian(Alaskan) native or native Hawaiians. The applicant must indicate in a narrative statement how they meet these criteria. Extra consideration shall be given to members of the Special Libraries Association and to persons who have worked in and for special libraries, but the scholarships are not restricted to these persons. Preference shall be given to those who display an aptitude for and interest in special library work. Applicants must submit a statement of provisional acceptance by a recognized library school or information science program. Matriculated school applicants must submit an official transcript of his/her library school record to date. Applicants must submit evidence of financial need.

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