Brown Bags Past and Future

First, there will be no brown bag this Wednesday, August 12. Several members of the student organizations, and some of the graduate assistants will be using that time to prepare for orientation on Thursday, August 13, when we welcome new students to the program.

Last week’s brown bag was an Internet tour through other LIS student org web pages. We were joined by new Communications Director Jessica Voss, who took the opportunity to meet with some of the students and join us in looking for ways to improve our Internet presence.

While looking at other sites we came across several good ideas we might adopt in the near future. We found more job-search, and career advice sites we’ll be adding to this page at the beginning the year. We picked up some ideas on social events we will discuss over the next several student organization meetings. And, we learned a few things we need to avoid in creating our own home on the web.

If you have any ideas about what you’d like to see from the student organizations this coming semester, be sure and join up! Membership is free.

If you’re already a member, head over to the Blackboard discussion group and leave a comment in the goals thread. Or, leave a comment here.

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