Meet the president

Ryan Davis, current GAU president

Ryan Davis, current GAU president

Ryan Davis is the current president of the USF GAU (Graduate Assistants Union). But you’d be well-advised to get to know him this year. He’ll be graduating out of the union in May.

At a GAU membership meeting on Monday, September 21, 2009, matters discussed included Florida residency, student fees, parking and health coverage (they increased in cost 14% this year).

Some things to consider (did you know?):

Rutgers, the State University of NJ covers 100% of both fees and tuition for graduate assistants (USF covers 0% of fees and only 80% of tuition). Also, Rutgers pays 100% of health coverage for grad assistants AND pays them an additional $4,000 per year in salary.

25% of the classes at USF are taught by graduate students but they must hunt and peck for parking with undergraduate students and are not permitted to park in faculty parking areas.

For communication and information, USF GAU maintains a Facebook page which is available for both scrutiny and membership by any Facebook user.

You might consider union membership something you’d do for all your fellow union members (to watch each other’s backs). If you want people to watch your back, then you join in watching the backs of others.

And this might be an opportune moment to remind everybody of Professor de la Pena McCook’s Union Librarian blog.


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