Brown Bag – Vamos a Cuba

This week’s brown bag will continue our look at challenged works with a discussion of the children’s book Vamos a Cuba.

Vamos a Cuba (A Visit to Cuba) was removed from the school libraries in Miami-Dade schools by the school board against the recommendation of the superintendent and the committees tasked with the responsibility of deciding whether the book should remain on the shelves or not. The process for removing titles involves a committee review, which resulted in the decision to keep the book on the shelves. The school board rejected the process and the advice of the committee and voted to remove the title.

This case has wound its way through the court system over the last few years. This year the US Supreme Court was asked to hear the case, but has so far shown no inclination to get involved.

The most recent ruling in February of this year by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals supports the removal of this work from school library shelves.

This week we’ll discuss some of the issues surrounding this debate. What do you do when the community is split on whether to keep a title, and when the process for removal is not upheld?

Wednesday, Oct. 7
CIS 2020

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