Opportunity knocking for students to support their dedicated faculty

Dr. Vicki Gregory of our faculty is running for Vice-President/President Elect of the Florida Library Association. The VP term is 3 years and it’s followed by 3 years as president of FLA.

This is a golden chance to marshal our support in 2 ways.  First, if you are a voting member of FLA, make sure you vote for her.  Secondly, if you’re acquainted with other people who might be FLA members, urge them to vote and, if possible, to vote for Dr. Gregory. If you haven’t yet joined FLA (student memberships are available), now’s the time to step up to the plate and take a more active role in the wider world of librarians.

Did you know Dr. Gregory was director of SLIS for 8 years? Below is a copy of her candidate statement and credentials lifted from our own USF SLIS news blog (thanks!):


Hail to the Chief?

Professor, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Florida, 1988-Present
Candidate’s Statement: It is important that officers and Board of FLA remain vigilant to ensure that Florida libraries remain the key resources for the citizens of Florida, and it is also critical that FLA monitor and, if appropriate, take issue with any actions that could hurt libraries and the profession of librarianship.
Education: Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 1987; MLS, University of Alabama, 1974.
Other Employment: Director, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Florida, 1999-2007; Head, Department of Systems and Operations, Auburn University at Montgomery Library, 1976-1988.
FLA Leadership: Florida ALA Councilor, 2005-2008; Director-at-Large FLA Board, 2001-2003; Member, FLA Conference Planning Committee, 1999-2001; Liaison, FLA Minority Recruitment Committee, 1999-2001.
Other Organizational Leadership: Treasurer, American Society for Information Science & Technology, 2007-2010; Chair, ALA Committee on Accreditation, 2009-2010; Member, ALA Committee on Accreditation, 2007-2011; SIG Cabinet Director for ASIST, 2003-2007; Library Research Round Table (LRRT), 2003-2007; Member-at-Large of the Executive Steering Committee, 1992-1994; LRRT Treasurer, 1994-1996.
For more information on FLA and the election.
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