Jan. 13, 2010 General Meeting and after dark lecture at FMHI library

“Please attend the evening meeting that will kick off the New Year for the SLIS Student Orgs! The meeting will be held at 6pm on Jan. 13, 2010, at the FMHI library. Following the meeting will be an After Dark Lecture with Ardis Hanson. This is a great opportunity to meet and chat with an extremely knowledgeable librarian who does great things for USF!!! Don’t miss it!”

Bill elaborated in an alis message just some of the outstanding qualifications of our presenter, Ardis Hanson, and provided a link to location information, including a building map to where we’ll meet starting at 6 PM in FMHI’s library on the north side of the 1st floor:  “The After Dark Lecture Committee for the USF SLIS Student Organizations is proud to present speaker Ardis Hanson for our Wednesday, January 13th lecture at 7pm. The lecture will take place after the General Meeting in the Research Library at the Florida Mental Health Institute. Ardis Hanson is the head of the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute Research Library. She is also the incoming Vice-President / President Elect of the Association of Caribbean University, Research, and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL), an international library association. She will address our group on research strategies and collaboration with faculty.

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