Is Wi-Fi bad for your health

An interesting article in GQ about the health hazards of cell phones and Wi-Fi.

“In April 2008, the national library of France, citing possible “genotoxic effects,” announced it would shut down its Wi-Fi system, and the staff of the storied Library of Sainte-Geneviève in Paris followed up with a petition demanding the disconnection of Wi-Fi antennas and their replacement by wired connections.”

Independent research consistently shows that cell phones and Wi-Fi pose real health hazards, while research funded by the cell phone industry consistently demonstrates there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Would a librarian who advocated shutting down Wi-Fi services be taken seriously, or dismissed as a crank?

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3 Responses to Is Wi-Fi bad for your health

  1. A librarian would be taken very seriously by anyone who takes the time to read about the adverse health effects of wireless (microwave) radiation.
    Those health effects have been known for over sixty years, when radar was first used by military personnel.
    The scientific evidence showing harm to health is staggering and you will wonder why it is not more widely known. (many good books on the subject are available).
    A good place to find scientific evidence about harm to health from electro magnetic radiation is the Bio Initiative Report. This can be accessed at
    Wi-Fi is dangerous technology which does not belong in libraries or public spaces, there are safe (wired) alternatives which should be used.

  2. DM says:

    While schools and libraries in europe and elsewhere are removing wi fi due to health concerns and complaints from teachers and others, the rush to install wi fi in schools and libraries in the united states in increasing. one wonders if this isn’t part of the no child left behind program of dumbing our kids down.

  3. patadave says:

    On the other hand, research out of USF suggests that exposure to cell phone-type radiation can improve memory and reverse dementia.

    Martin: I cordially disagree. Given the difficulty libraries have getting funds, and the amount of money the US Gov wants to pour into broadband and wi-fi initiatives across the country, I think librarians who resisted wi-fi would largely be seen as cranks. Especially since wi-fi advocates can trot out research like that found in the link above.

    Not everyone has the time or know-how to determine if funding for research into cell phone health hazards comes from an independent source or from the cell phone industry.

    I think librarians, hard-pressed for funding, are likely to turn a blind eye to the strong indications that this technology may cause health hazards.

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