Save LSU SLIS Program Letter Template

Please view the e-mail / letter template below for the Save LSU SLIS Campaign. This letter is designed to be sent to the Board of Supervisors for the LSU program. You can get more information, including the Board of Supervisors contact information, in the following blog article.


Mr. R. Blake Chatelain (Chairman)
Louisiana State University
Board of Supervisors
P.O. Box 12550
Alexandria, LA 71301

Tampa, June 2010

Dear Mr. Chatelain,

As a graduate student in the field of Library and Information Science from the state of Florida, I am deeply concerned by the news that the Louisiana State University is considering the elimination of the only Master of Library Science accreditted program in your State.

The dire economic and social situation that our society faces today is one of the main reasons why libraries are not only still needed, but essential. The libraries of the 21st Century provide much more than books to our communities. Louisiana’s libraries provide Internet services, homework help, e-govenment services, resources for job seekers, cultural and enrichment activities, among other responses to the community’s needs. The only way that libraries can still provide those vital services is if they are staffed with highly qualified professionals like those that LSU School of Library Science Graduate Program graduates.

From out-of-state, we witnessed how vital Louisiana’s libraries were in the recovery after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In 2006, the American Library Association was the first organization to hold a National Conference in New Orleans soon after Katrina, proving that librarians build and rebuild communities. Louisiana needs its libraries now, especially in these tough economic times. And Louisiana’s libraries need librarians. The graduate level program at LSU is the only existing path to achieve a qualified force of new professionals that would bring your communities to the information world of the twenty-first century. Please do not deprive Louisiana’s residents from this service.

I appreciate your efforts to bring quality educational opportunities to your state’s residents, and I am confident that you will understand why eliminating the Library Science program is a bad decision.


Graduate Student
University of South Florida
School of Library and Information Science

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