USF SLIS Student Organizations Campaign Makes American Libraries Direct

The USF SLIS Student Organizations campaign for LSU’s library school has made today’s American Libraries Direct.

South Florida students lobby for LSU library school
The Board of Governors at Louisiana State University announced in May that they were considering closing the library and information science program, among others, due to budget cuts. After hearing this, the University of South Florida’s SLIS Student Organization decided to set up an email and social media campaign to let LSU know how they feel about the importance of a degree for information professionals….
Librarians-in-Training, June 9

You can join our campaign by sending an email to the LSU Board of Supervisors. You can read more on how you can participate by reading our blog article describing our campaign. Please do not forget about copying your response to our email address: This will allow the student organizations to keep track of the number of participants  in this campaign.

This campaign has brought up some questions by students and alumni on the future of library schools and finding jobs in our profession. The USF Student Organizations will work on creating workshops and resources over the fall semester to assist students in becoming knowledgeable in what skills public, school, academic, and special libraries are looking for in graduates. Please feel free to email us your ideas for workshops during the fall semester at

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