West Coast meets East Coast

On Wednesday night, the three presidents of the USF SLIS Student Organizations (Bill, Lana, & Sara) with one of the co-secretaries (Jeffrey) went to the east coast. We went to spread the word about the student organizations and how we can help students throughout the program.

After our four hour trip, we visited in the FAU campus library at Boca Raton with some students, alumni, and the assistant director on the east coast Maria Treadwell.

We discussed some of the different options available for working together on networking opportunities. This will allows us to  include all of the students in the program. We also mentioned elections coming up next month and how we would love for east coast students to apply (For example: co-secretary). We will even create a new social networking coordinator position for the east coast students.

After our quick social, we visited Christianne Casper’s Basic Info Services class. We gave them a peak of our new website and discussed the great opportunities available for students joining our organization.

The officers had fun on our long journey and were very fortunate that we didn’t run out of gas in the middle of nowhere (long story). We even had fun playing 20 questions (+1) on the trip back.

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