Scholarship Committee Report – Fall 2010

By Jessica Davis

The Scholarship Committee is pleased to have received such a positive response to the call for scholarship applications for the fall 2010 USF SI Student Organizations Scholarships for Professional Association Membership. With these scholarships, the student organizations hope to encourage learning, networking, and professional development. We hope to offer these scholarships on an annual or bi-annual basis. If you did not receive a scholarship, please watch for future scholarship application periods. The frequency of the scholarship offerings will depend on the student organizations annual budget. If you have a fund raising idea or would like to volunteer your time at, or raise donations for, our bi-annual book sale, please find the fund raising discussion thread on Blackboard and watch for e-mail updates from the book sale committee.

There are two issues which became apparent after the close of the application period that the scholarship committee is committed to correcting for future scholarship offerings:

1) The application period was too short. Quite a few students sent requests for information about the scholarships after the application deadline. Future application periods will be larger to allow for questions and busy schedules.

2) Students were not fully aware of the scholarship requirements. To be considered for the award, the applicant was required to be a member of the student organizations, in addition to being a USF student pursing an MLIS. Unfortunately, the scholarship committee was forced to disqualify otherwise stellar candidates. In the future, information about the scholarship requirements will be more prominently displayed in all communications relating to the scholarship. If you are not a member of the student organizations, please send an e-mail to to request information.

A Brown Bag meeting is being planned for the spring 2011 semester about library science scholarship opportunities. If you are unable to attend a Brown Bag in person or via Illuminate at the time of the meeting, you can access recorded Brown Bags for free at: Please check the student organizations website and Facebook page for information about this and other opportunities and activities.

Fall 2010 Award Winners:

  • ALA East Coast Scholarship: Rebecca Guillen
  • SLA East Coast Scholarship: Ursula Ziegler
  • ALA West Coast Scholarship: Susan Marhevko
  • ASIS&T West Coast Scholarship: Sara Nelson
  • FAME West Coast Scholarship: Alicia Long
  • FLA West Coast Scholarship: Katherine Gage
  • SLA West Coast Scholarship: Denise “Vickie” Toranzo Zacker

Congratulations! Award winners will be contacted with details within the next week. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Scholarship Committee Chair Jessica Davis at

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