ALA Annual Conference with Krystal Bullers

Krystal Bullers, a current student at USF was the recipient of the ALA Annual Conference scholarship. She attended the 2011 conference earlier this summer in New Orleans. She had an amazing time and had the following to say about the conference:

“Once a year the American Library Association holds “THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE” – a huge gathering of librarians from all types of libraries and at all stages of their career. I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to attend this year, something I could probably not otherwise have afforded. This year the conference was held in New Orleans making it a double treat since I have not visited the city prior to this.

This conference is huge. Gargantuan. Enormous. Conference attendees roamed the city clutching a program the size of a phone book (okay, a phone book for a smallish city, but still…). I had used the online interactive tool to identify the sessions I wanted to attend but as I thumbed through the satisfyingly substantial guide, I discovered programs and sessions I had overlooked. Deciding on which event from the number of options was very difficult; I ended up choosing sessions based on a combination of interests and sheer logistics. After the first day in which I attended sessions from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm without even a chance to eat, I also decided to be more discriminating in my choices.”

If you would like to read more, you can go to Krystal’s blog.

To see some of Krystal’s adventures at ALA, you can view the presentation she gave at a SOLIS Brown Bag!

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