Brown Bag With Overseas Librarian Kelly Kraft


(Kelly Kraft on the right)

My name is Vilma Silva Butym. I am a Graduate Assistant for the School of Information, and also a member of SOLIS. As a SOLIS member it is one of my duties to find professionals related to the information science field who are willing to share their professional experiences with all students enrolled at the MLIS program.

Last April 09, 2014 a great friend of mine, Kelly Kraft, agreed to give a talk about her professional and educational experiences.  I met Kelly more than ten years ago in Brazil, where she was working for Graded School as a Secondary Librarian. She is currently working at Lusaka, Zambia as a Library Coordinator/Second Librarian for the American International School of Lusaka.

Kelly graduated at the University of Montana, and works as an International Librarian. Overseas/international librarians work for International Schools that can be found in different countries in basically all continents. International schools are grades pre-k to 12 independent schools that run exactly the same as a local private or public schools in U.S. The job market for overseas librarians is huge, and openings are a constant factor.

International Librarians work on a 2 year contract, which can be renewed according to each school’s work policy. As part of the contract things like housing, transportation, health care coverage, and annual bonuses are included.  A major job requirement is an ALA accredited MLIS degree.

The fastest and easiest way to find a library job overseas is to get in contact with international schools around the globe. A simple online search will provide you with the information.  The Global Librarian is a great start point.

I hope this information was helpful and looking forward seeing you on our next Brown Bag session.

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