Call For Student BIOS

SOLIS will put together a slideshow that will be displayed at this years annual FLA Conference.
Please send a photo you would prefer to have on your respective page, and some information about you. Preferably the class you’ll graduate in, areas of study you’re interested in, if you currently work in a library setting perhaps, things of that nature.
We need to get this thing put together and workable relatively soon, so I am asking that if you want to be a part of this, you need to send your information BY APRIL 30, 2014!
Send all info or questions to
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Brown Bag With Overseas Librarian Kelly Kraft


(Kelly Kraft on the right)

My name is Vilma Silva Butym. I am a Graduate Assistant for the School of Information, and also a member of SOLIS. As a SOLIS member it is one of my duties to find professionals related to the information science field who are willing to share their professional experiences with all students enrolled at the MLIS program.

Last April 09, 2014 a great friend of mine, Kelly Kraft, agreed to give a talk about her professional and educational experiences.  I met Kelly more than ten years ago in Brazil, where she was working for Graded School as a Secondary Librarian. She is currently working at Lusaka, Zambia as a Library Coordinator/Second Librarian for the American International School of Lusaka.

Kelly graduated at the University of Montana, and works as an International Librarian. Overseas/international librarians work for International Schools that can be found in different countries in basically all continents. International schools are grades pre-k to 12 independent schools that run exactly the same as a local private or public schools in U.S. The job market for overseas librarians is huge, and openings are a constant factor.

International Librarians work on a 2 year contract, which can be renewed according to each school’s work policy. As part of the contract things like housing, transportation, health care coverage, and annual bonuses are included.  A major job requirement is an ALA accredited MLIS degree.

The fastest and easiest way to find a library job overseas is to get in contact with international schools around the globe. A simple online search will provide you with the information.  The Global Librarian is a great start point.

I hope this information was helpful and looking forward seeing you on our next Brown Bag session.

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MLIS Students Join TBLC and FLA at the Capitol


(USF MLIS students at the FLA Library Days Advocates’ Reception hosted by Lewis, Longman, & Walker. From left: JoAnn Tebo, Vilma Silva Butym, Peter Cannon, Roxanne Palmer, Brian “Hutch” Hutchison)

Every spring, the Florida Library Association (FLA) hosts a Library Day at the Legislature. Library leaders from around the state gather at the State Capitol in Tallahassee to meet with Legislators in order to advocate for libraries. As future librarians, we are ever mindful of our responsibility to the public.  The ethic of service is the polestar of our profession from which all other rights and duties flow.  Whether we are engaging patrons at our local public library, educating college students at the USF library, or assisting health professionals create innovative treatment techniques, our commitment to service is an aspect of our profession that comes naturally to us.  It is our raison d’être. FLA Library Days was held on Tuesday March 25th. Students were invited, along with FLA and TBLC members, to an Advocates’ Reception hosted by Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A.

Each student was paired with leaders from a Florida county. Below they each share their unique experiences:


(Vilma Silva Butym (center) with members of the Pasco library delegation)

The Florida Library Association (FLA) Library Legislative Day at the capitol was a great experience for me in many ways. It was a great opportunity to be introduced to the librarian community and the legislative world. It was equally unique to be able to witness the budget negotiations between librarians and senators. I had the pleasure to be paired up with Nancy Fredericks, Library Director at Pasco County, and she was amazing.  Through Nancy I had the privilege to meet Patty Harrison – Chief Legislative Assistant, Senator Wilton Simpson, Amanda Murphy, and Ralph Lair – Chief Legislative Assistant to Speaker Will Weatherford. It was truly an opportunity to enhance and acquire more knowledge.

-Vilma Silva Butym


I had a fantastic time on our trip up to the capital for a variety of reasons. Since this was my first trip I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. All the librarians at the event were extremely friendly and helpful and it was nice to just meet a group of professionals who are working in the field I want to be a part of eventually. It helped to bring the politics and political situations of our profession to the forefront. The money that is given out doesn’t magically appear. Librarians need to make their voices heard by going to the capital and speaking to movers and shakers in the government. The monies which are given out from the government went from being something very far away that I had only heard about to something I was able to actually speak about and ask for, which was an eye opening experience! I think out of everything though, it was nice to get out of the University and talk to the librarians who are ‘in the trenches’ so to speak and see the passion they have for their profession and the enthusiasm they bring with them. It was really a great experience and I can’t wait to go again next year! 

-Brian “Hutch” Hutchison



(JoAnn Tebo (right) with Representative Stark)

I attended Library Legislative Day and met the legislators of Broward County with a group led by the President of the Friends of Broward County Libraries, John Gargotta. I was impressed by the group’s preparation and their courtesy as they addressed the legislators. Furthermore, I was pleased to see that their Florida Representatives knew them by name. The Representatives took the time to speak to each one.  Rep. Joe Gibbons was very supportive of libraries and their needs. He had enjoyed reading at his local library as a young boy.  We talked about the advantages of strong reading skills for children, and how that may make a remarkable difference in their future life choices, even to helping them avoid jail or prison. Rep. Richard Stark was also sympathetic. He knew how much the recession had impacted library budgets and appreciated the requests for more funding.  Rep. Gwendolyn Clark-Reed was well aware of the situation with the Pompano Beach Library, which has been awaiting the start of construction for a few years.  The legislators were also appreciative of our USF students’ participation and attention to the political process.

-JoAnn Tebo


I feel very fortunate to have participated in Florida Library Association’s Library Legislative Day. On Monday, the day before the session, we were able to mingle with library advocates and FLA members from all over the state of Florida. This also served as an opportunity for students to connect with their respective library mentors. We started bright and early Tuesday morning. I was paired up with Gene Coppola, Director of Palm Harbor Library, and other directors from Pinellas County. I found all of my mentors to be welcoming and eager to explain the budget negotiation process. Many of the state representatives and senators we met—including Representatives Zimmerman, Peters, and Dudley as well as Senators Latvala and Brandes—were very open about their support of libraries. I look forward to attending this event next year, and I hope more MLIS students will take advantage of this opportunity!

-Roxanne Palmer




(Peter Cannon (right) with members of the Jacksonville library delegation) 

I, along with other eager graduate assistants and students in the MLIS program, travelled to the capital and joined the Tampa Bay Library Consortium as we shadowed library leaders during their advocacy rounds with politicians and policy makers.  I was fortunate to be paired with Barbara Gubbins and Brenda Simmons from the Jacksonville public library system.  Having met the night before, I was welcomed into their delegation as we walked the halls of the capitol talking to legislative leaders about this year’s budget. I was amazed and inspired by their advocacy.  I was also encouraged by the support we received from people such as Senator Audrey Gibson and Representative Janet Adkins from Jacksonville, both strong and effective voices on behalf of our profession. To them, we didn’t have to answer the question “why they should help us.”  Instead, they were concerned with what they could do and how could they help us succeed. Our day concluded with a trip to the Florida Archives at the R.A. Gray building.  We learned much about the important work that is done on our behalf by the Division of Library and Administration Services. By the time we left that day, we all had truly learned the power and necessity of advocacy in support of our commitment to service.

-Peter Cannon


More images from our time in Tallahassee: 


Driving from Tampa, a 4 hour trip!


Looking quaint at Cracker Barrel. 



We stopped by the state library and archives for afternoon tea with the Division of Library and Information Services.


We got to dig into some records at the state archives in support of a project with the Oral History Department at USF Tampa Library. 


A special thank you to the Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC) and Charlie Parker for their support and guidance. 


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Combined SOLIS/SIS Meeting

Last night, members of SOLIS and Suncoast Information Specialists (SIS) held their first combined meeting at the North Tampa Branch Library. SOLIS members were able to mingle with working professionals as well as tour the newly renovated library with Branch Manager Robin Gibson. Robin discussed many of the obstacles she faces at her library and unique ways of problem solving with a tight budget. Due to an emergency, speaker Marc Blumenthal was unable to attend. However, several of the SIS members graciously volunteered to discuss their experience in different fields of librarianship, including the ALA Student Chapter President, Libby Cope. SIS announced the winners of the 2014 FLA Scholarship, including SOLIS Treasurer Jodi Geever-Ostrowsky. Congrats Jodi!

If you are interested in joining SIS, or would just like more information, visit their website at Membership is $10 annually.

Photos from the library tour:



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Spring Book Sale

Spring Book Sale

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the spring book sale! We were able to raise close to $180 for future events!

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Mark Your Calender!

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2014 Library Legislative Day Registration

Join library advocates and supporters at the State Capitol for Library Legislative Day. The Florida Library Association’s annual advocacy event draws library advocates and supporters from around the state. For SOLIS members, this is a great opportunity to meet the movers and shakers of the library community. Registration, and the event, are FREE. However, you will need to pay for hotel, travel, and food.

SOLIS members should register with the Tampa Bay Library Consortium (TBLC). Each member will be paired-up with a Librarian mentor. TBLC will also help coordinate hotel rooms and travel. To register visit the TBLC website at:

More information about Legislative Day can be found on the FLA website at:

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Student Scholarships offered by FLA

Student Scholarships offered by FLA

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NASIG Scholarships

The North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) is pleased to announce the beginning of the application cycle for its 2014 grants, awards, and scholarships to be awarded at the 2014 Annual Conference being held in Fort Worth, Texas, May 1-4, 2014. 


Established in 1985, NASIG is an international organization committed to promoting communication and sharing of ideas among all people working with or concerned
about serial publications.  More information about NASIG is available at

Student Awards

John Riddick Student Grant
Grants for qualifying students to attend the NASIG annual conference, covering cost of registration, three nights lodging, and travel within North America.

For more details, please visit this page.

Fritz Schwartz Education Scholarship
A $3,000 scholarship and conference travel grant for a graduate student demonstrating excellence in scholarship and the potential for accomplishments in a serials career.
For more details, please visit this page.

Professional/Para-professional Awards

Serials Specialist Award
Awards for promising paraprofessionals, covering cost of conference registration, three nights lodging, and travel within North America.
For more details, please visit this page

Marcia Tuttle International Award
A $3,000 grant for an individual working in the serials information chain to fund appropriate activities in fostering international communication and education.
For more details, please visit this page.

Horizon Award
Awards for promising new serials professionals, covering cost of conference registration, three nights lodging, and travel within North America.  Recipients will also be invited to serve on a NASIG committee.
For more details, please visit this page.

Rose Robischon Scholarship
A scholarship awarded to a serials professional lacking funds for travel. The scholarship covers the cost of conference registration, three nights lodging, and travel within North America.
For more details, please visit this page

The application deadline for the awards listed above is January 27, 2014.

For details about the awards offered by NASIG, please visit

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FLA 2014 Scholarship

FLA 2014 Conference Scholarship

Suncoast Information Specialists

Call for Applications

Scholarships to Attend 2014 FLA Conference

Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida

May 7-9, 2014

Application deadline: February 1, 2014

Announcement of winners: February 10, 2014

The Suncoast Information Specialists is accepting applications for two student and two librarian/staff scholarships to attend the 2014 Florida Library Association Conference at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa, Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida.

The maximum amount of the award is $150.


Scholarship Eligibility

·         Student Applicants must be enrolled in a Master’s program either Florida State University or the University of South Florida.

·         All staff (Librarians and Paraprofessionals) employed in a Florida Library. Engaged librarians in the profession, but not currently employed in a library, are eligible.

·         Applicants must be members of Suncoast Information Specialists, or obtain membership at the time of submission. (

Student Requirements

·         Fill out online application which includes an essay.

·         Submit a current resume.

·         Successful grant recipients will share their experiences at the conference with fellow SIS members by writing an article for the bi-monthly SIS newsletter.

·         Grant Recipients will submit an expense report following the conference for reimbursement up to $150.

·         If you are a student employed in a library, please submit a student application.

Staff (Librarians and Paraprofessionals) Requirements

·         Fill out online application which includes an essay.

·         Submit current resume and a one page letter of recommendation from a library director, immediate supervisor, or manager.

·         Engaged librarians should submit a personal and professional letter of recommendation.

·         Successful grant recipients will share their experiences at the conference with fellow SIS members by writing an article for the bi-monthly SIS newsletter.

·         Grant Recipients will submit an expense report following the conference for reimbursement up to $150.


·         Deadline for submission is February 1, 2014.

·         Winners will be notified on February 10, 2014.

Application Forms

·         Student Scholarship Application

·         Librarian/Staff Scholarship Application

If you have any additional questions, please contact the SIS Scholarship Committee Chair, Hal Harmon:

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